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Considering The Benefits and
Locating the Buyer

If you have considered selling your structured settlement before

You may have had a difficult time locating potential buyers. Locating buyers has been a common problem in the past; it has even caused a lot of people to shy away from selling their structured settlements.

If you, however, believe that it might be in your best interest to investigate your options in regards to selling your structured settlement, you owe it to yourself to find some potential buyers. You can then get quotes and figure out exactly how much cash could be on the table for your structured settlement.

Long-term and Short-term Benefits

There are numerous advantages to selling your structured settlement. Some of these advantages revolve around short-term benefits, while others are part of a long-term strategy that can lead to more financial security in the future.

If you have short-term financial needs that you can’t afford to handle, then selling your structured settlement can get you the lump sum of money that you need in order to solve your financial problems. Often times, periodic payments aren’t enough to help, but the lump sum from the structured settlement can be enough to make a major difference in your current financial situation.

Another scenario might arise where you have an investment opportunity that you can’t afford to take advantage of given your current financial situation. You may simply not have enough disposable cash to jump at opportunities in your life. When you sell your structured settlement, however, you will have the large amount of money needed to make the investment. This sale can give you great financial security in the future.

Can I Even Sell my Structured Settlement?

The first step in the process of deciding whether or not to sell as simply determining whether or not you can sell your structured settlement. We speak about it like it is always an option, but the fact is some structured settlements are not transferable at all. This usually isn’t the case, but it is good to be sure. In fact, even if there is some language in yours that says in some way that it is not transferable, you should speak to an expert and be sure.

In many cases, courts will rule for the owner of the structured settlement to be able to sell it if it is in their best interest. Basically, the court is on your side. You shouldn’t give up just because you’re not entirely sure whether you will or won’t be able to sell your payments. In some states, there are even laws on the books that protect the rights of owners of structured settlements so that they are able to sell them, regardless of what any specific language in the agreement itself might say.

Finding Structured Settlement Buyers

Finding structured settlement buyers now certainly beats the old way of finding them. As with most things, the internet has advanced the process and is your best tool on this journey. Watch out for larger companies that may go through your case too quickly or not give you the attention you deserve. All you have to do now is visit a website like Fortune Settlement Solutions to find all the information you need. You can fill our contact form to get a free quote, email with any questions, or call the number on the site if that’s your preferred way of reaching out.

We’ll provide you with information about your structured settlement. Once you provide some details about the remaining payments and the value of your structured settlement, Fortune Solutions will be able to get you some great quotes on offers to buy it from you for a lump sum of money. When buyers compete with each other to put in the best bid, it benefits you greatly.

You’ll also need to provide some contact information so that we can get a hold of you; this is available on our contact form. Once you are provided with details on the offers, you’ll have some time to decide whether or not you want to accept one of the offers and sell your structured settlement.

If you decide to go through with a sale, which you are not under any obligation to do, you can start the quick process that will end in you having cash now.

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