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Who We Are

Fortune Settlement Solutions are Structured Settlement and Annuity buyers. We pride ourselves in our expert staff and dedicated customer service. We focus on liquidating your long-term payments and helping you get cash now with the best deal possible.

Our experts consult with you in order to get acquainted with your financial situation. We then decide how to best get you financial liquidity quickly. Instead of waiting years to receive your whole settlement payment, Fortune Solutions helps you get cash now. We purchase both Guaranteed and Life contingent structured Settlement Payment rights.

How We Can Help You

With our over 30 years of experience, Fortune Settlement Solutions’ team consists of both legal and sales industry leaders focused on finding the best solution for your particular situation. We are here to listen. Being first and foremost client-focused, we tailor our services to your particular needs.

You've found yourself in a tough situation, if your life circumstances have changed, or if you just really need financial boost to change your life and your intermittent payments just aren't cutting it. Fortune Settlement Solutions can help you navigate this stressful time, so you come out the other side with your assets and be ready to finally change your life.

What We Offer

Lift your financial burden. Get your cash now with the help of Fortune Settlement Solutions. How can we help you today?

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We make things simple. Follow these simple steps to get started now.

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Discuss with our experts and check out the wealth of information that Fortune provides.

Make A Choice

Choose your best option. What do you need? What does your future look like? Only you know what's best for you.

Receive Your Assets

Once you choose Fortune, we take care of the rest. Just sit back and wait for your money to come to you!

Learn Before You Act!

How to Choose the Right Structured Settlement Buyer

Large structured settlement companies are deceiving and manipulative. Learn what to look for when choosing your structured settlement purchaser.

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What is a Structured Settlement and Can I Sell My Payments?

Structured Settlements are a type of annuity, and selling your settlement payments may be helpful if you're facing financial stress.

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Structured Settlement Pros and Cons

Whether you're settling your own lawsuit or receiving payments from a past settlement you want to sell, go over the benefits and drawbacks of structured settlements.

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What's Next Once I Sell My Settlement Payments?

Find out what your next step is once Fortune Settlement Solutions has helped you get your money. Let us help you make the most of your new opportunity.

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Inform yourself further and learn with Fortune Solutions!

Our Mission

At Fortune Settlement Solutions, our priorities when working with you are establishing trust and maintaining both integrity and transparency. You will work with skilled professionals on our team who are fully focused on finding the best financial solution to help you get liquidity now. We believe everyone’s situation is different and therefore deserves its own unique approach.

"Such a blessing! These magnificent people came through for me when I was struggling during Corona with the threat of being kicked out of my apartment lingering over my head. They helped me get my money within a month, and helped and explained everything I didn't understand in so much detail and Johana and Joshua are the absolute nicest most helpful people I have ever met."

Khadia H.

Customers Reviews

"Josh was amazing to work with. He got me the best deal and made everything as fast and simple as possible. I would highly recommend this company!"

Sean C.

Customers Reviews

"In all honesty, getting the call from the company is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. They restore quality of life, and fight for you every step of the way. They go out of their way to make sure you are confident and comfortable, and prepare you with all the information and solutions you will need to see it through. One thing I loved was the communication and understanding, it wasn't about the money - it was about helping me receive the money I rightfully deserved. This company knows what they are doing, and are the most respectful group of people out of anyone I've had the chance to speak with in regards to my settlement. No matter the outcome, Fortune settlements is the company who fights for you; it's the company you want, but more important - it's the company you need. I owe my life to them, and I'll forever be grateful for that."

Kristen F.

Customers Reviews

"Great experience with them, took care of me promptly!"

Andres G.

Customers Reviews

"Working with Fortune Settlement Solutions and its team was a pleasure. The team treated me with respect and paid attention to all my needs. Mr. Rivera took time to answer all my questions even on the weekends. I could call him anytime and he returned my call. Didn’t matter how many times I called. We went thru all my paperwork and he explained it in detail. I never felt pressured to do anything. Mr. Rivera listened to my concerns and what I was looking to do and presented different scenarios to help me understand the decision I was about to make. I appreciated the time he invested in me. He is an honest person with great work ethics. My transaction was smooth with no delays whatsoever. I received everything in less then a week. Thank you Fortune Settlement Solutions!!!! Definitely recommend doing business with this company."

Ellie P.

Customers Reviews

"Overall amazing experience working with Fortune Settlements! Joshua Rivera was an excellent help throughout the whole process, he made things easier for me, and constantly kept me updated with the status of my order! I would definitely recommend Fortune Settlements!"

Oscar Valenzuela

Customers Reviews

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  • Personalized Attention

    We respect you as a person and care about your privacy. Right away, the expert best suited to handle your case will flesh out all the details with great care and consideration, making sure not to overlook anything. You will be at the center of this process, feeling heard, insofar as you want to be. Your inclusion is based on you. If you want to be briefed on every document, you will be. If you want to relax and have us take care of absolutely everything, we can make that happen as well.

  • Availability

    Our client is always our top priority. Not your case, you. Call whenever throughout the process with your questions or concerns. No question is stupid and no concern is too small. Fortune will always respond or get back to you promptly.

  • Ethics

    Selling your settlement payments comes with a natural fear of someone taking advantage of you. We promise you full transparency and honesty. Moreover, we promise to be empathetic and considerate as its very possible that you're currently in a tough spot and feeling out of control.

  • Experience

    With over 30 years of experience resolving settlement payments, our professionals are informed and prepared to efficiently help you change your life. Our staff know what to do and when to do it to not only resolve your financial crisis now, but also get you the best possible deal and assured court approval.