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Selling an Annuity

Drop your recurring payments. Get Cash now. Our Settlement Solutions can lend a hand and change your life!

Cash Out of Your Annuity Today!

Fortune Settlement Solutions also purchases other types of annuity payments such as pensions. You're not stuck in the financial decision you made years ago. Life changes, and so do you. Do what is best for the you of tomorrow.

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Your Right To Sell Structured Settlement Payments

If you have a structured settlement, you have a right to sell your payments. Federal and state laws exist to protect consumers against deceitful companies. You might need quick access to funds you can't access as they are tied up in a structured settlement, even if they do indeed belong to you by right.

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Evaluating Structured Settlement Purchasers

Many settlement purchasing companies are trying to take advantage of you. Don't let yourself fall prey to this. To help you, we have an objective list of what you do want and what you don't want from these buyers. We, of course, want you to choose us. More than that, though, we want you to make the decision that is best for you.

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Structured Settlement Pros and Cons

Quickly go over the benefits and drawbacks of structured settlements. How did it work again? What were the tax implications? How flexible are these settlement types? What is the Court's involvement? If you're considering selling, it's important to remind yourself of the ramifications of keeping this type of settlement.

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Considering The Benefits and Locating the Buyer

For short-term financial necessities, selling your structured settlement can be a godsend as it gets you money in the moment to solve your financial problems. Long-term, this decision can ensure your future financial security. Monthly payments are almost never enough to make a change and kickstart your life; but a lump sum can help you invest in your dream.

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